Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Steamed Fish Head at 126 Mewah Food Court, 驰名新镇清蒸鱼头 Ampang

Probably it was a late breakfast or rather an easy lunch, I decided to go to Mewah Food Court for a nice steamed fish meal and here we were at the stall 126 for a good food venture.
Though it was only both of us I ordered a big one as I was a bit hungry and in the mood for a good meal for the day. It was a freshwater grass crap fish head "Song Yee Tau" totally covered with finely sliced ginger and garnished with parsley and red cabai burung.
The fish head was perfectly steamed, fresh meat and it was so tasty and I love it so much.
Poached spinach with a bit of light soy sauce & fried shallot on it, it was a superb veggie choice, in fact it tasted so good we ordered another veggie.
So another lovely poached veggie on the table, this time a serving of Romaine Lettuce again it was delicious. I like the way they prepare it.
There is this Indon lady doing nothing but slicing only ginger for the popular steamed dishes, I wonder how much ginger they have to order each day.
It was alreay crowded with people at noon time, though it was a hot day but nothing could stop the people from having a good meal in the foodcourt. Go check this place out, have fun and enjoy the food.
The foodcourt viewed from Jalan Mewah 5 and it is the place for a superb steamed fish head in town.
126 驰名新镇清蒸鱼头
126, Jalan Mewah 5
Mewah Foodcourt
Tel: 016-356 1187
GPS : 3.143496, 101.761606

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Unknown said...

Love this place... Went there but they didn't have fish head anymore.. We had the whole fish... It was fantastic. The ginger was so well sliced. We also had the steam fish with garlic... Also very very good... Had to wait for a while but worth the wait. Ken.