Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kafe ST Loo Beef Noodle Soup, Penang

My favourite beef soup has shifted from "Bomba" Chulia Street (Lam Ah Coffee Shop) to Carnarvon Street, now she has a shop of her own and congratulation for the successful progression. The Or Chen (fried oyster omelette) stall from the old place has also shifted together with her to this new joint. It looks like there is competition between the Or Chen stalls, there is another popular one just a door away. 
A big bowl of mix beef soup for RM10.00 was absolutely yummy, I simply love the taste and I had the whole bowl clean and dry.
As a small boy my late dad introduced this marvelous food to me where we would eat it with plain rice instead of noodles. And until today I still love to eat this way.
I reckon ST Loo is now a Towkay Soh with a decent shop clean and and conducive to eat except maybe car parking as usual would be a slight problem, I got no problem as I am using a bicycle.
Kafe ST Loo Beef Noodle Soup
156, Carnarvon Street
Tel: 012-409-0696 (Miss Loo)
Closed on Wednesday
GPS : 5.415379, 100.334817

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