Thursday, March 31, 2016

Let's Go Back Penang for Tomb Sweeping 清明节 2016

I haven't been back for Cheng Beng for the last couple of years, now that I am retired I have all the time to go back this time and I did it without driving any car. Here was I at the junction of Jalan Ampang / Jalan Sultan Ismail with my Bekay to catch a train to Butterworth. I am begining to like travelling with ETS (Electric Train Service) these days.
Penang is definitely hotter than KL I could feel the intense heat the minute I got out from the train. I was the only bicycle on the ferry to the island and enjoying the sea view and hot breeze. By the way the fare for a bicycle & passenger is RM1.40.
I left my stomach empty just for a bowl of my favourite beef soup at Kafe ST Loo Beef Noodle Soup, Carnarvon Street. And in deed it was a satisfying meal.
Air Itam here I come as the heat continued to blaze. I just couldn't help myself but to stop halfway here for a refreshing coconut.
My buddy, Larry invited me for an evening ride and to meet at "Si Ki Tiaw" (the 4 Pillars) at Kapal Singh Drive. After a good rest at home I was ready to cycle again.
We rode at the dedicated bicycle lane of Georgetown, behind us is the Penang Bridge.
A stop at Hammer Bay for a pit stop. Thank you Larry for inviting me to join the ride.
A video clip of the evening ride.

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