Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ride of Honour - A Tribute to Shamsul Aizat

He was a brother, a husband, a father, a relative and a friend. A case of a young man who got killed while cycling on the public road.  We came to support and cycled in honour of the late Shamsul Aizat. 
Thank you to Dave Ern & his mates for organising this event, it was covered by the TV media and we hope it will continue to create the awareness for a safe usage of public road. 
The need to promote safety road usage is essential especially when cycling is getting fast popular in the country. More campaigns, participation and words from all sectors are required in cultivating a good understanding of road sharing and safety on the road.
Friends of all races, religion old and young gathered on a beautiful Sunday for a good cause.
Shamsul Aizat was killed in an accident in December 24, 2015 at KESAS, may you rest in peace.
The video clip I took during the ride. We shall remember you, Shamsul Aizat

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