Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 10 Korea Cycling Adventure - A Day to Explore Daegu City

Good morning Daegu and we were about to spend the whole day exploring the city with our Bromptons. Motel Zen is located near Dong Daegu Train Station and our first place to visit was the Chicken Restaurant Alley which is near to Pyeonghwa Market.
Somehow my Oregon device took us for a longer route to this super steep road neighbourhood.
In the vicinity of Pyeonghwa Market.
A bus stop for Daegu City Tour, you can opt for a hop on double decker bus around the city.
We found the Chicken Restaurant Alley but unfortunately most of the shops operate in the evening and only a handful during the morning. We visited this shop for our breakfast.
The fried chicken with crispy, tender and delicious.
Joe ordered Sundae and few slices of chicken liver, sundae is basically pig's intestine stuffed with pig blood and glutinous rice and is very common among the Koreans.
Red Rice Cakes (Tteokbokki 떡볶이) and steaming hot dumplings.

The remnant of the old Dongseong shops which is slowing diminishing for new development. 
Dongseong area has many hidden corners such as a crowded restaurant at a narrow alley, the food must be good.
Dongseong street - a place for serious shopping with diverse items found from main street to super narrow alleys.
Narrow passage way at the bazaar, we were kind of  trapped in a awkward. position
I found it interesting roaming in the narrow bazaar observing the cultures, the food, the shops... it's so interesting indeed.
We did a bit of shopping and here we were posing with our new hats.
Cycling on the pavement is safe and commonly seen in the city.
A brief stop at Gukchaebosang Memorial Park 국채보상운동기념공원 The park was established to retain the spirit of the National Debt Remuneration Movement.
Yangnyeong, Daegu Herb Wholesale Market you can actually smell the strong herbal aroma as pass by the street.
The intellectuals .......
We were back to Seomun market 대구 서문시장 but this time it was during the day. "Seomun" means west gate which is quite similar to Chinese words.
Having a break at this stall in the market and savouring some their Korean noodles.
This noodle seems to be very common and is seen sold at most stalls in the market.
We met a Korean with Brompton too and happily posing a couple of photos with us.
The river crossing we had to cross in our Daegu City exploration.
We were tired and did not want to venture too far for dinner. At a simple eatery place near Zen Motel.
A simple dinner of Gimbap, fried dumpling, instant noodles and udon.

The places we went in Daegu.
Clip of the day

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