Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 7 - Korea Cycling Adventure (Yeoju to Chungju)

The motel we stayed at Yeoju, they were strict on our folding bicycles' storage and had to be kept at a particular place. The motel room was nice and well furnished.
Yeoju Cultural Centre with the red booth for our certification.
Our collection of stamps on our passports.
At this location GPS : 37.276869, 127.681544

 we had a tricky position getting down of bicycles and crossing a bridge.
The weather was fine just like most of day especially in the morning, we actually we do not sweat as much as we do comparing back in Malaysia. A scenery of the rural area of the day with vegetable farming.
After 14km of cycling we decided to stop here for food worrying that food would be difficult to find at the later stage. Located at Seomgang -Ro Road, GPS location : 37.245786, 127.720774
Another interesting meal before we are back on the road.
The food with the usual kimchee dishes.
Location GPS : 37.226839, 127.750745
Seomgang river view was spectacular, I think this was the best part of the day.
Rolling off the beautiful valley of Seomgang.
We met these two friendly Korean and it was nice chatting with them. After that it was another steep climb immediately after this rest hut.
The weather was getting hot and we needed a rest badly.
Patbingsu, shaved ice dessert with red bean and fruits, a similar dessert in Malaysia where we called it Ais Batu Kacang (ABC) and it's simply yummy.
The hot day continued and had another long and lazy rest underneath Bukbo-ro Road and near Pyeongtaek - Jechon Expressway by a beautiful river side before we proceeded for Chunju.
The sign showing the direction to Chunju with the distance indicated.
Approaching Chunju where we turnoff at the river trail for the commercial centre.
After much searching fo a motel for the night we decided on this one called Ora.
The route we took for Day 7 with a distance of 61km completed.
A clip of Day 7 - Yeoju to Chunju

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