Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 9 - Korea Cycling Adventure (Nakdong to Waegwan - Daegu)

Good morning Nakdonbo as viewed from our room.
The motel can be seen from the dam and definitely a bicycle friendly place to stay. GPS : 36.360753, 128.300516 봉황 
All the 5 Bromptons were ready to roll for another day of cycling and thank goodness the weather have been all the while wonderful.
Not too far from where we were staying on a Sunday morning we found a quiet shop for our breakfast.
It is similar what we have it in Malaysia for a meal of economical rice, cheap & good.
My selection with a bowl of tasty soup. I like it.
All set with our tummies well filled we were back to the bicycle path for Waegwan.
The two dams which we will be passing by.
You see the red patches, that was onions harvesting.
Into the territory of Gumi.
In the city of Gumi and along the river of Nakdong.
We stopped for our lunch and enjoyed our food and rest by the river of Nakdong, Gumi city is an industrial city with famous brands like Samsung & LG Display. We could see water sport activity at the other side of the wide river.
Pedal by pedal we moved on crossing many bridges of many designs in the 4 Rivers Trail.
Another stop as we were quite near to Chilgok
Chilgokbo Dam at Nakdong River
Rest place at Chilgokbo crowded with many locals for a weekend treat. Instead of cycling for another 30 over kilometres to Daegok Station for a train journey to Daegu we opted for an easier plan by heading to Waegwan Station.
Heading towards Waegwan Station after some valuable tips from two friendly Koreans.
I did not expect Waegwan to be such a big town, we were supposed to stay here for a night but swapped for an extra night in Daegu. We simply love city.
It was the end of our 4 Rivers Trail at Waegwan as we were on a detour to the east.
The tickets for the train ride to Daegu from Waegwan Station.
Our tickets were standing tickets, we had to stand in between the coaches and it took about 20 minutes to reach Daegu.
Daegu Station is big in fact Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea, after Seoul, Busan, Incheon.
After gathering information from the Tourist Information office, we were set to hunt for our lodging.
Somewhere in the neighbourhood of Dong Daegu Station hunting for a motel.
We decided to stay here at Motel Zen for 40,000KRW per night.
Our night destination was to visit Seomun Night Market for its famous street food. We left our bicycles in the motel and took a train there.
The eating begins with so many stalls found in the market, some with really long queues and it is such a lively night market. 
We love to eat and we continued to look for interesting food to eat ..... it was kind of a eating party on the street.
Braised pork knuckles, simply yummy.
Good night Daegu, by the way Seomun Night Market is the largest in Korea.
Our final route on 4 Rivers Trail from Nakdong to Waegwan cycling a distance of nearly 60km for the day.

A clip on the day we travelled from Nakdong to Daegu.

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