Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 8 - Korea Cycling Adventure (Chunju to Nakdong)

After a good rest at Motel Ora it was time to head for our next destination and bye bye to Chunju.
It was a short ride to the Bus Terminal from Motel Ora.
Here we were at Chunju Bus Terminal (part of a shopping mall) which we have visited a day earlier to check out the necessary detail for our travel to Jeomchon.
The ticket for the bus journey from Chunju to Jeomchon (9,200KRW) and it was basically intended to avoid the mountain cycle trail which was considered by many as "the hell" of the cycling trail.
We were ready for the bus but we will be skipping places like Suanbo and Mungyeong.
No more luxury of the air condition from the bus, we have to find our way to the river trail from Jeomchon and it wasn't actually difficult at all.
Generally the first stage of the day was easy and relaxing filled with lovely scenery and the bicycle path as usual was fabulous.
Joe was showing how you can park your bicycle with the front wheel secured halfway into the floor board. Our wheels are too small for it.
Notice that white pack in front of Joe's bike, that was going to be his lunch.
After about 18km of riding we decided to pull out our packed food, the delicious Korean bulgogi burger bought from Chunju Bus Terminal.
Then came our first climb after passing by the serene vegetable farms.
@ Sangjusangpung Certification Booth.
One more climb on this steep boardwalk.
Whenever you are elevated on high ground, the view is always nice and refreshing.
Just put your money accordingly there is no one manning at the stall and we do not read Korean, we just assumed that what we were paying was right.
More super steep climbs ahead, don't talk about cycling even pushing the bike up was so difficult.
My wife love this sign, if you want a support truck call this number ..... and just when you are pushing up on the slope.
A brief stop at Sangju Museum 상주박물관 and water refill. It is located at GPS: 36.453389, 128.255838
We like this blueberry juice stall.
This fresh blue berry juice is simply yummy.
Sangju Bicycle Museum has a wide range collection of bicycles from all over the world. The weekend crowd was awesome.
We spent some times seeing the exhibits.
@ Sangjobo (dam) on the longest river of South Korea Nakdong River.
Another typical sight of paddy field in the country side.
End of the paddy field scenery.
As for scaling steep slope I can consider this particular day as the difficult even though we thought we have avoided the mountain but yet we have some that were unavoidable.
Welcome to Nakdanbo (weir), Sangju.
Nakdan Dam is near to where we will staying for the night and a certification booth found here too (Nakdanbo).
This motel is such a bicycle friendly motel, they have lockable cubicles for your bicycles on the ground floor, you don't have to carry them up to your rooms.
This small town, Nakdong has one peculiar sight, this road is filled with BBQ Beef shops.
We simply could not resist ourselves from trying it.
We have to purchase our meat from this section for our feast.
That is the shop we patronised that evening.
The day we could not avoid all the hills with a distance of 52km covered.

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