Saturday, July 09, 2016

Day 6 - Korea Cycling Adventure (Yangsu to Yeoju)

This was the first encounter of a typical Korean motel, IF Motel at Yangsu for 30,000KRW per night per room. Good bye IF Motel, Yangsu-Ri we have to go.
We went in circle in the morning, couldn't locate the direction to Yeoju and thank you to this young Teacher for showing us the direction as he was leading his students for a ride at the river trail too. Kamsahamnida.
A day where we passed through at least 6 old railway tunnels, fear not as there wouldn't be any train coming towards us, the most it would be only bicycles....
Coming out of the tunnel into another horizon of bright and shining sky .....
It was nearly 10.30am we were hungry and lucky to find this small village shop for some food.
 The food we sampled at this simple village atmosphere.
Some of the remains of the old railway line at the exit of one of the tunnels.
Another rest area with the railway road as decorative feature.
Wonbok Tunnel, another defunct railway road tunnel now being for cycling path.
Nothing like a refreshing and cold ice cream at a stop for refreshment.
Yangpyeong Art Museum is one of the major attractions along the trail. GPS location : 37.497162, 127.484227
King David standing majestically at Yangpyeong.
A short & steep ramp to break our monotonous rhythm and pump our hearts.
This was a nice visit at a heavily landscape park with well shaded path. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery very much at this beautiful park. It is located at Yangpyeong. GPS location : 37.484377, 127.494723
Somewhere at this location GPS : 37.432637, 127.531657  there is big a field for baseball and football. Many cow statues is seen here. 
Maybe this area is popular for beef?
We had difficulty in finding food stall that is opened today, probably it was during the weekdays and we were so happy to see this stall run by an Aunty. Conversation with her was totally negligible.
Even though her noodle was a cold dish type but we have no other choice but to eat.
Ipobo Dam Certification booth.
One of the many camping sites in South Korea,
The day continued with our pedalling ........
Yeojubo Dam as we got closer to Yeoju with another booth nearby for our passport certification.
Here we were we have reached Yeoju covering a distance of 60km for the day.
For a change we avoided Korean food for once. Good Night Yeoju.
The route of the day. Yangsu to Yeoju.
A clip of the day.

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