Thursday, July 07, 2016

Day 5 - Korea Cycling Adventure - Back to 4 Rivers Bike Trail (Seoul - Yangsu)

Day 5 - The day we resumed our tour on the 4 Rivers Bike Trail from Seoul to Yangsu (47km) 
It was time to bade farewell to Seoul 53 Hotel and thanks to Mr. Park the new owner of the hotel, he has been very helpful and we hope to come back again.
Our concern in the morning was as to where we should start our ride and after much consultations we took a train from Anguk Station to Oksu Station to continue the tour.
The five of us armed with our belongings and bicycles on the trail of the popular 4 rivers where we were still by the Han River. They are such a beautiful bicycle trail so much to see and we are glad to experience it.
The journey was crafted in such a way that our daily rides will not be strenuous with ample time for resting, taking pictures and enjoying for the scenery.
It was way beyond lunch time and everyone was hungry, we saw this restaurant at the side of the trail and decided to venture into it.
Most of the customers have already left leaving us and two more tables eating, the food was palatable and our tummies were satisfactorily filled.
Approaching Paldang Dam on the Han River.
One of the tasks was to stamp our Bicycle Passport at the red coloured telephone booth. At Paldang Certification Booth.

This tunnel was formerly a railway tunnel now it has been converted for bicycle usage instead for the train, isn't that amazing and apparently there will be more to pass through as we cycle towards south.
Approaching another stamping booth as we got closer to our destination for the day.
This another interesting wooden bridge which was used by the old train known as Bukhangang Bridge bringing us to Yangsu. We had the opportunity to see trains moving near us at the newer bridge.
Our dinner was an authentic Dalgalbi meal at a small town called Yangsu.
A short 47km ride for the day from Seoul City.
A clip of Day 5 for your easy viewing.

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