Thursday, October 05, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 16 - Pulau Banding to Tanah Merah

It was a night of total darkness without electricity the generator set has failed again. And it was time to leave Pulau Banding with an awful night by the lake. I waited for my taxi by the main road for the journey ahead.
I requested for a stop at Perhentian Titiwangsa to enjoy the view and took a few pictures before I left the peak of Titiwangsa. Pulau Banding and this place is about 30km away.
At the top of the world at Perhentian Titiwangsa, I just cannot imagine if I were to cycle up here and I was glad that I hired a taxi for this stretch. The scenery was superb.
Even going down hill looks dangerous I requested Shoib to take me further down the hill (about 36km) until Batu Melintung 15km before Jeli.
Shoib dropped me at Batu Melintang where I shall continue my ride to East Coast. Shoib is an ex-soldier lives on his own plot of land near Baling and he has been driving the taxi for many years since he became a civilian and continues to do so to pass his time even though all his children have grown up.
Before Shoib went back to Gerik we took our breakfast at a warong where we stopped.
By the way I was already in the state of Kelantan and I had to change my plan. My original plan was to stay over at Jeli but I decided to proceed further as I have taken a fair bit of assisted ride. 
Gunung Reng is such a beautiful hill and this is seen from the main road itself, as scenic as those mountains seen in China. There is a cave to be explored if you are interested and it is located at Kampong Gunung.
Gosh I was still having  such closeness with the oil tankers.
Jeli here I was but wouldn't be staying here anymore. I was recommended by the food operator at Chalet Terapung to stay at Bukit Bunga. Bukit Bunga is located next to Thailand and it is a more happening place. 
When I reached Bukit Bunga I decided to move on further as it was still early and Tanah Merah became as my final destination for the day.
I met this guy from Estonia and he walks around the world. He told he was walking to Machang while I was cycling to Tanah Merah. My salute to this Estonian.
Batang Merbau, a small town just before Tanah Merah.
Tanah Merah or "Red Land" has a small population of Chinese community and I love seeing the old wooden shops in the town and hope that these wooden structure will be preserved and kept as long as possible.
An old semi detached room at DMawar Resort was my rest place for the night.
I was excited to find this restaurant that serves western food and beer. I always have the impression that beer cannot be sold in the public in Kelantan. The dinner was good and satisfactory.
Day 16 where I cycled for 65km and stayed over at Tanah Merah.

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