Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 21 Pulau Redang

We were lucky to find a warong selling Nasi Kerabu very near the place where we staying and the nasi kerabu was delicious and satisfying. Well today there wouldn't be any long haul cycling but a break at the paradise island.
After our breakfast we cycled to Merang Jetty, the weather was prefect and we are ready for Redang Island.
Payment of RM5.00 for the marine conservation fund which is meant for preservation work of the marine park found around the island.
Jason was a happy man it was his first time to Pulau Redang and he love the detour.
The boat ride took us in less than an hour to reach together with a group of visitors from Kuala Lumpur.
Finally we have landed at the shore of Redang Pelangi Resort with our bicycles.
It's good news again a chance to cycle in a kampong in Pulau Redang. I was so happy to meet my old friends the Foo's brothers and Dr. Khoo in the island. After a short rest at the resort, we followed Dr.Khoo on a boat ride to Kampong Baru Pulau Redang
Dr. Khoo and the rest went to a job site and while we went for a bicycle exploration instead.
Though I have visited Pulau Redang several times but I have never been to this part of the island. What a lovely day in a tranquil country side with our bicycles.
Basically we were just cutting across the island from Pulau Redang Jetty to the other end where The Taaras Beach and Spa Resort is situated. The distance is about 10km to and fro.
Taaras Beach and Spa Resort by the Berjaya Group pricing at US$130 per night.
We braved in further after the resort on a off road trail which lead us to a seaside.
What a beautiful scene on a white beach with blue sky and sea in the shade of blue. And what more sitting on the Brompton with a refreshing coconut drink.
The happy toddler at the drink stall while his mother was selling her drinks.
One for the album on this beautiful beach. I love seeing the crystal clear water.
We stopped by at a stall in the kampong for apom balik and rojak for lunch.
The monitor lizard at the island is huge and calm, not like those you see in the city where they always panicky whenever they see people.
Time to take a dip in the crystal clear water and even up my tan.
Jason surrounded by these friendly fishes and there are so many of them in the water.
With a piece of bread you could experience the fishes nipping at your hand.
In the evening we just relax at the bar had a few beers and relax chatting with my old friends. Today it was a kind of holiday for me where I took off from my touring plan and indeed a wonderful time in Pulau Redang.

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