Monday, October 09, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 19 - Kota Bharu to Sg. Golok

Good morning KB. KBCC is a good place to stay in Kota Bharu was ready for a tall order and I was requested to follow a group of roadies to Golok something that I wasn't sure of doing.
I felt out of place seeing these road bikers in their attires and worried whether I could cope up with them. Jack took out my T-bag and left it at Timothy's house, he said that I don't need the unnecessary weight on the bike. 
And off we went, crossing the bridge of Sultan Yahya Petra out of the city.
At Mukim Al-Ismaili Mosque upon negotiating a round-a-bout of Pasir Pekan.
Some of the riders were waiting here to join at Caltex, Wakaf Bharu
I was surprised to see piglets with an old folded skin pig running around in a kampung. A scene that I never imagine I could see it in Kelantan.
I was glad to meet these Red Riders from Kota Bharu and thank you for your superb company.
So nice to see Jack has taken up this sport so passionately for the last couple of years. Keep it up and ride on.
Regrouping at Caltex Rantau Panjang and I was told to stay close to the group as we cycle through the border.
The Immigration, Customs, Quarantine Station Complex at Rantau Panjang. It was a smooth crossing as I just follow what the locals do and that will be fine.
Sawadi karp I am in the land of Thailand which made it as the second nation that I have visited in this tour. I absolutely love the idea.
Thank so much Jack for a great suggestion to visit Golok and this was my first time being in Golok.
All these while I thought Golok is a small village but I was surprise to see that it is a big town and very vibrant indeed.
The Red Riders used to cycle to Golok just to have their breakfast and cycle back to Kota Bharu taking a distance of nearly 90km to and fro. The shop that we stopped for our breakfast is located at Amphoe Sungai Kolok GPS : 6.020638, 101.957719 .
Checking my tyre air pressure which seem to be low.
Yes what a way to have a great Sunday morning breakfast with a good friend in Sg. Golok. 
I ordered this Kuay Chop while some chose to have porridge.
A plate of roasted pork to be shared and it was simply delicious I like the crispy skin.
Going around Golok town and a brief shopping for one or two Thai products.
Regrouping while others still shopping around the neighbourhood.
Time to head back to Kota Bharu and goodbye Golok.
What a lovely Sunday experience to Golok this shall be a memorable day for me. Sawadi karp.
Once again my sincere appreciation to the Red Riders for a wonderful company. A group picture at Wat Photivihan (Reclining Budhha) and also my stop for a support car back to Kota Bharu.
We stopped at Soon Yue Kopitiam, Kota Bharu for a drink while waiting for the rest to come back on their bikes.
One more for the album at Soon Yue Kopitiam
Before I went up to the apartment I tried the beef noodle opposite the road at Lim Siong Kee Beef Noodle. Another yummy food of Kota Bharu found at GPS : 6.116392, 102.239647 .
My friend Jason flew in from Kuala Lumpur to join me for the next 4 days. Welcome to Chinatown of Kota Bharu.
We went back to Chinatown again in the evening hunting for food.
This is the "Irish Pub" of Kota Bharu.
Dinner at Kota Bharu Chinatown.
Amazing Day 18, the highlight was my adventure to Sg. Golok with a group of roadies and I stopped my ride at Wat Photivihan marking a distance of 72km.

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