Sunday, October 01, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 13 - Sg. Petani to Kulim

I have changed my route for Day 13, I was supposed to cycle to Kupang but I decided to go to Kulim where I can meet my friends there. As I was cycling out of Sg. Petani from Laguna Merbok I met a new friend. Thank you Azni Hassan for your continuous encouragement on Facebook while I was on the road.
The route I took was new to me which was basically going through Kg. Pinang Tunggal. As a young boy when I was staying in Padang Serai I used to hear this name from my late dad. Thank you Yong Lim for helping me out on the route.
Using Jalan Lecongan Barat by passing Sg. Petani town at the south and going through a tunnel underneath the north south highway which Pinang Tunggal is located and the boundary between Kedah and Penang is close by.
At km30 of my ride I have reached at the kampong kampong of Padang Serai and popularly known as Kg. Sidam.
I dropped by my 5th Uncle house in Padang Serai.
Everyone of us is getting old that is a fact of life that can not be deny. All the best to my Go Chek.
Continuing my journey passing by Lunas like I used to pass by this house in the school bus every morning. It is still there but being used as a commercial premises.
The other reason why I decided to come to Kulim was to visit my school, Sultan Badlishah School. I was glad to be allowed to enter the school compound by the guards.
Terima kasih to this man for escorting me in the school.
The padang of Sultan Badlishah School, so nice to be back here though there are some changes with new buildings and also a few missing blocks.
My wife's grandmother used to stay at this corner shop which was a barber shop, she and her sisters used to come here during their school holidays
As I was taking pictures of the mural I saw Simon & Chris on their bikes, they were looking for me.
It was lovely to have friends cycling together again in a familiar town.
Ping Ling & Co has indicated to meet at this place which I told Simon & Chris. Immediately they took me there and they are regular patrons of Anak Kulim.
They really know the place well, we went in from the back as what Simon & Chris normally do when they cycle there.
With all my secondary classmates and it was so wonderful to meet up again.
I was excited that Hamzah could made it for the meeting. We were friends since primary school and so happy to know that he will be retiring soon.
Thank Simon for introducing me Hotel Zin, it was a good recommendation indeed.
In the evening, Yen Ling fetched me to this interesting restaurant called 老爷车饮食休闲馆 Lao Ye Che Restaurant at Sg. Lembu for a sumptuous dinner. Thank you to Ping Ling and Kim Beoy for the dinner. My decision to come to Kulim was definitely a right choice. With me were Gunes, Kim Beoy, Ping Ling, Prema & Yen Ling.
Day 13 was nostalgic. I truly enjoyed the day with my old buddies. 

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