Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 20 Kota Bharu - Merang

It had been a good visit to Kota Bharu and my appreciation to my old buddy, Jack Lim for being a good host. He was with us to lead us out of the city.
Before saying goodbye to Kota Bharu, Jack brought us to this popular kopitiam called Kopitiam Kita at Jalan Sri Cermelang GPS : 6.129413, 102.249410.
It was crowded as usual being the most popular coffeshop for breakfast.
A variety of packed food to pick such "Nasi Lauk Air Dingin" (rice with fish curry from the town of Air Dingin) and various "Nasi Lauk" (literally 'rice with dishes') from Tumpat, Tanah Merah, Pasir Mas, and other towns in Kelantan.
Our bicycles at the side of the entrance while we ventured into the food haven. 
An interesting French toast toast with half boiled egg, and  kaya jam at the corners.
Hi-5 to these kids on their bicycles as we rode out of Kota Bharu.
Somewhere in Bachok as we were cycling on the inner roads we saw a huge Buhdda statue sticking out from nowhere and we rode towards it.
What a surprise to see such an elaborate Siamese temple at this quiet country side called Kampong Balai and the name of this temple is Wat Phothikyan Phutthaktham 双龙寺.
The local called it Wat Balai.
It was also known as the Twin Dragon Temple as seen at the main entrance. That was a surprise discovery and has never heard of this place before.
Hi-5 again to these boys as we continue to see lovely Malaysia.
We got ourselves closer to the shore and found a beautiful seaside scenery with lots of coconut trees with lovely sea breeze. It is definitely a great place to relax and chill.
I love this typical scene of the fishing village.
After 27km of cycling we reached Pantai Irama Bachok, it was a Saturday and it was crowded with people. Kelantan has beautiful beaches like this which it is facilitated with public amenities such toilets, restaurant motels and places for water activities.
Bridge at Jalan Melawi - Semarak after Tok Bali. There are a few resorts seen at this surrounding of Tok Bali which is a fishing port and an alternative gateway to to the islands of Perhentian and also Redang.
At the boundary of Kelantan and Terengganu.
We have arrived at Kuala Besut for a lunch break
Wow today we have been meeting so many of these young bikers and I always teased them to follow us "Jom ikut dik"
During our lunch at Restoran Seafood Lucky, Kuala Besut we made an impromptu decision to go to Pulau Redang after finding out that my friends were in the island. So we made arrangement for a boat ride to Pulau Redang, it seems too expensive to ferry from Kuala Besut and had to embark from Merang for a reasonable fare.
We were misled by the taximan that we were able to catch a boat to Pulau Redang on time but we were disappointed to know that the boat have left and had to wait until the next day.
Fortunately we found a homestay at Merang and  stayed there for the night. Don't be confuse by the name Marang and Merang, Merang has a public jetty that can take you to the many beautiful islands of Terengganu.

Meanwhile we went roaming at the surrounding of Merang and checking the route to the public jetty as we will be take a boat from there to the island.
Day 20 we cycled 64km to Kuala Besut from Kota Bharu but ended up at Merang.

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