Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ampang Chicken Rice – Restoran Lee Wah Kee

Yes, we heard of Ampang Chicken Rice (a loT),
yes we have tasted before but long time ago,
yes it’s opposite the Police Station but the name is not Lee Wah Kee.
It should be Loke Yun and not Lee Wah Kee.
Wrong number, my friend…..a few more doors ahead we could have hit the right note.
A mistake we made, we went into Restoran Lee Wah Kee for a wrong Chicken Rice but nevertheless the wrong chicken rice is not too bad at all.

A must have sauce for a good chicken rice – this is a mix of fresh chilli and ginger sauce for such meal.

The Taugeh is not from Ipoh but it’s from Ampang, it’s fresh, succulent and tasty.

Poached chicken wing and breast, that’s what was left when we reached this place. It was about near after lunch hour.

Meat ball soup was nice too and went for refill…

The operator of this shop has to be a Hakka (cos' they communicated in such lingo) and I came with a Hainanese friend, he shakes his head as he was not happy with the rice… Lee Wah Kee should improve in his standard of the chicken rice.
Restoran Lee Wah Kee… Jalan Besar Ampang
Ampang Town
GPS : 3.148679,101.762168


SimpleGirl said...

hainanese chicken rice really not easy to find ya!!! i remember during childhood day dad brought me to one typical hainanese chicken rice, they provide dark thick soya sauce and special chilli sauce, superb!!!

hApPy HappY said...

i will find one for you soon....

pang said...

anyway, d loke yun chicken rice also no big deal. D rice,chicken n d kicap oil, all no standard. I wonder how they can make it 2 d Guang Ming Top 10 Hainanese chicken rice. Choong Yien chicken rice section 17 can beat them hands-down anytime.
Hv u tried "Diamond Chicken rice" in Seremban? I heard a lot of good remarks.

thenomadGourmand said...

I agree with Pang. The Loke Yun one no big deal.

See the pics: http://thenomadgourmand.blogspot.com/2009/05/chicken-rice-at-loke-yun-ampang.html

hApPy HaPpY said...

Pang & thenomadGourmand - thanks for that piece of advice. My chicken rice pursue shall continue any leads my friends..

J2Kfm said...

yeah, Loke Yun Ampang. The MOST popular (wondering if it's over-rated as some said) chicken rice in Msia.
I even had my parents bugging me to bring them over someday.

Steven Goh said...

ampang chicken rice, I am not too sure. But I know ampang yong tau fu. I think I had outdated dee. Btw, the chicken wing looks juicy leh.... hungry now.

hApPy HaPpY said...

J2Kfm- i think definitely OVER rated ... so say by many...btw what does J2Kfm means????

Steven Goh - KL is a food wonder from all corners...always interesting & exciting and for you to find out...