Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sri Ayutthaya Invasion into Wangsa Maju

Sri Ayutthaya took a bold step to invade Wangsa Maju, in term of location it is ideal and with ample space for car parks. The name Wangsa Maju is synonymous to a place of medium low income bracket but is slowly and surely changing that image. Many have realized that Wangsa Maju has good potential, where several big stores have opened and more to come to Wangsa Maju.
Seafood Tom Yam (RM10.90) a must for many but not for me, I prefer the soup in the Thai Steam Siakap.
The Green Curry Chicken was delicious with thick coconut milk and strong aroma which goes very well with the nice and flagrant rice. RM15.90

I enjoyed the Sambal belacan Petai and Prawns, it was delicious the petai were big and crunchy and the prawns were fresh. RM19.90

Thai fried rice RM12.90 I find it a bit oily.

Steamed Siakap fish – Thai Style the soup was yummy. RM30.00

This is a RM2.90 sambal belacan, yes you have to pay for it. It was a good Thai sambal belacan.

The tray of dessert samples in lieu of a menu.

This is a handsome Bangladeshi in Thai costume waiting at our table with a sample of desserts for you to pick.

Tub-tim Grob - Water chestnut coated with flour served with coconut milk and shaved iced. It was a gorgeous dessert to complete a Thai meal. RM6.90

There are another 2 branches in Klang Valley one in USJ Subang Jaya and the other in Medan Damansara.

Restoran Sri Ayutthaya2, Jalan Wangsa Delima
Seksyen 5, Wangsa Maju
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4143-6883
GPS : 3.19471,101.741585


SimpleGirl said...

decent Thai food...I've been to Sri Ayutthaya in Penang wondering whether is the same?!

Anonymous said...

nice food though. now i miss petai. gonna scout for some in the market for my blog :)

Selba said...

Wonderful Thai restaurant with delicious Thai food.... :)

Kakak said...

Was there last night at the Wangsa Maju branch. Food was disappointing. SErvice bad - dishes served one by one every 3-4 minutes. We just watched in the meantime, then only rice was served. Ordered 4 tom yam, only 2 came. One of the ordered drinks only came as we were about to settle the bill. They couldn't handle the large crowd. They had an upstairs section but was not used. Poor handling of customers. Even saw someone argue with a dissatisfied customer instead of placating her.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Kakak - that was a bad piece of news, probably never eat out during Mother's Day. Staffing has been always a problem, I had my dinner at Wangsa Walk, the service was bad @ Mango Chili.