Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wan Mokhtar @ matSOM @ Dave Li Wanji

I have managed to connect a super senior Badlishian by the name of Wan Mokhtar 'Lee alias Dave Li Wanji @ matSOM who owns this interesting blog “THEtree - Dedicated to the Teens of the late 1950s & 1960s of Kulim, Malaysia

Matsom used to stay in Padang Serai during 1960’s ( I was only 2 years old) and we tried to share our memories of Padang Serai even though our ages are quite far part (16 years) but nevertheless we could still share our memories of the place where I was born.

These are the images I stole from his blog, which I could not resist to use it here. bI hope he does not mind and would like to thank him in advance.
Our great school, Sultan Badlishah School, today she looks different if you have a chance to view it. I like the old look.
The old and original badge of Sultan Badlishah School
And the new badge of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Badlishah
Spot the difference and which do you prefer?

Healthy and strong Badlishians of the 60’s, where got Adiddas shoes, Nike shoes, it’s all bare footed and also no tee shirt during a class of P.E. (Physical Education). You cannot see such dress code today at school……

A class photo of a 5th Form in 1961 at the popular spot for class photography.
I like to wish Encik Wan Mokhar a good health and continue blogging which I believe his blog will be of a great interest to many people irrespective of age, religion and race.
Happy Blogging, Sir!!!

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