Saturday, November 07, 2009

Good Food @ Bangsar Puteri Condo

Bangsar Venicia has been around quite a while and is getting popular by the day. It is situated at Bangsar Puteri Condominium and with only 10 ten tables (big and small). Parking is not a problem but you will have to register with the security upon entering the premises. Service is a bit slow but bearable especially for good food.

Venison fried with ginger and spring onion was a good choice. The meat was tender and juicy.
Stir fried Tapioca leave with garlic and fine anchovies topping was gorgeous. And it’s not too oily.

A marvelous bowl of Assam curry prawns with pineapple, tomatoes and lady fingers. I like it very much.

Steamed soya sauce fish (Mah Yau Yee) – Beginning I was skeptical about the idea, normally it is deep fried. But the end result was good, it was delicious, only the fish bones were left on the plate. That was definitely a fresh fish.

A well fried Four Heavenly King vegetable. Just look at the brinjal the purple colour is still intact. And it’s not oily, delicious and heavenly.

A complimentary from Bangsar Venicia and the damage for this lunch was less than RM75.00 which is very reasonable for such a good food. We will come again and will try their popular prawns & crabs. Till then stay tuned.

This is the man responsible for bringing us here for the nice food. Chiam Tou San is fit as a fiddle age 77 and he is still very strong and a jovial Hainanese. You can see him regularly @ one of the popular Celebrity Fitness centre in town. He talk about the food here a week ago and eventually brought us here for lunch.
Bangsar Venicia
41-02-02, Level 2Bangsar Puteri Condominium41, Jalan Medang Serai,
Bukit Bandaraya Bangsar
Telephone: 2094 2101
GPS : 3.142077,101.66199


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was there many times for work (the condo) but nvr knew the food was good here!

hApPy HaPpY said...

JG- yup it's yummy alright just like your dishes....

thenomadGourmand - you must try, my friend no regret...

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I'm sure I enjoy the foods here.

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Yummy dishes you have here.

Paula M
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Good work! Thanks for post.