Monday, November 30, 2009

Kushi Q - Japanese Grill @ Tropicana City, PJ

It was time for a movie and “2012” was the movie we wanted to watch. So we went to GSC (our 1st time) @ Tropicana City. We enjoyed the movie very much. Well, you can not watch a movie with an empty stomach and somehow my son was attracted by a poster somewhere in the shopping mall.
It was Kushi Q that we were destined to have lunch there.

Kushi Q is a unique shop selling Japanese grill food in skewers.

A small & compact shop just like a typical Japanese retail space….

I wanted to try the cold udon but it’s all sold out or no stock…anyway I like the Unagi, shisamo fish, scallop and the mackerel even though in small portion but just nice for a quick lunch. I was surprised that Zuyi enjoy the rice with half boiled egg.

Lot LG 20,Lower Ground Floor
3, Jalan SS20/2
747400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03-77283613


SimpleGirl said...

Read abt this place as the way, I really enjoy watching 2012....good movie for awakening of care for the environment

Rebecca Saw said...

ahh..same thing for us!
We wanted to watch 2012...and ended up Sushi Tei for dinner.wanted to try this plc but tot we needed more "solid" food! Hehe!

hApPy HaPpY said...

SimpleGirl - Yes 2012 a good movie indeed.

thenomadGourmand - same frequency guess that's the life of city dweller.

J2Kfm said...

One of the better place for food in Tropicana Mall, judging from various reviews. not to mention reasonable.

foodbin said...

more for snack food only-a few shops away is a pork burger shop.

hApPy HaPpY said...

J2Kfm - seems to have a lot of makan stalls @ this mall...

foodbin - how is the pork burger is it worth a try?