Friday, January 01, 2010

Sultan Badlishah School - An Excursion to Penang 1974

This is a revised posting with a new found photo for it. That was the bus we travelled with from Kulim to Penang, a school bus with no air conditioning system, window panels made of wood and with a loading capacity of 41 passengers. Tan Kean Hooi, Wong Kok Choo and Yeoh Liew Kee sitting at the front row. Lye Keok Wah, Syed Hamzah, and myself at the back and posting next to the Bas Sekolah. We looked so young and cheerful.
School days are always fun besides just mugging but I love the study tours and outings. I am not a book person but I like more on practical subjects. I enjoyed the new syllabus of Integrated Science during our 4th & 5th Form where there were a lot of practical & experiments during the Science classes. Mr. P.S. Rou did a good job introducing such an interesting way to learn science. Thank you very much Mr. Rou. Another one of our school excursions, this one we went to Penang. We had to wear our school uniform.
Diong Ka Deng with Loh Choo Haw fanning a banana @ the Padang of the Esplanade. After so many years I was able to speak to Choo Haw over the phone recently. Now that I know he is in Penang, I will try to meet up with him on my next trip home.

Liew Kee, Koh Wah Heng eating banana and me pointing towards Butterworth @ the Esplanade. Ronald Koh is another friend I have not seen since we left Sultan Badlishah School and I will also get him in Penang.

Leong Peh Kay at a don't know where in Penang..... she is now staying at Bentong, Pahang.
This is the GPS (N5.421728, E100.342217) position of where we were at the Esplanade of Penang 35 years ago......

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