Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mee Udang @ Medan MARA, Kuala Lumpur

I went to Medan MARA, Jalan Raja Laut for Mee Udang and it was also an old lunch place of mine during the mid eighties when I was working in a property developing company (Salinas Sdn Bhd) @ Wisma Bumi Raya.

My first visit to Berisi Café was on 9 January 2008. This time I was slightly lost as I could not find the cafe and I thought the café was not around anymore. But I was happy when I found Berisi Café and business was good.
This News Corner (Sudut Akhbar) in Medan MARA is still around at the same spot where I used to read news during lunch hour back in those days and it is still remains a popular spot for people to crowd around & read at this modern time and age.

These must their popular foods served here such as soto, nasi lemak & mee udang as all as seen at the sign board in the picture.

At last I managed to have a bowl of noodle which I have been craving for it for a long time. And it was really delicious the gravy is thick & sweet. It comes with a generous portion of ingredients of 4 nice succulent prawns, half egg, sawi and the wonderful Bergedil (potato stuff).

The owner told me that his Mee Udang is better than Sg Dua’s he got special ingredients added in. And truly I love this Mee Udang. The shop also sells lot of cookies and other packed food. Try visiting this place if you are bored with your normal food.

Berisi Café
1.10 Medan Mara
Jalan Raja Laut, 50350
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 019- 229 1650

GPS : 3.157967,101.694957


foodbin said...

are they open on weekends?

Sin Tai Lim said...

foodbin - not sure lah but I think Saturdays should open.

razif said...

Better u come workdays...

nazri said...

took some of ur photos for assignment. thanks :)