Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Simple Breakfast @ Taman Sri Hartamas Stalls, KL

If you are looking for a simple breakfast in the morning and happened to be in the neighbourhood of Sri Hartamas then I would recommend you to this corner for a simple local breakfast. There are at least 3 stalls opened in the morning which serve roti canai or prata, local rice or nasi lemak in standard packets or on plates (which you can pick your own choice of ingredients). And there are also fried noodles too.

Hard boiled eggs are available on every table.

Similarly, ready packets of Nasi Lemak found on the table too.

This is how it looks like when you open the packet of Nasi Lemak. The egg on the extreme corner was added on.
You have to mix the rice and the sambal (chilli paste) before you eat. And it is indeed a delicious food, simple yet tasty.

And lastly I had a cup of warm Nescafe' coffee to complete my meal.

Food CourtJalan Sri Hartamas 1
Taman Sri Hartamas
GPS : 3.159097,101.650604


Allie said...

I always like to have half boiled egg as breakfast. And the triangle nasi lemak sure looks yummy.

Sin Tai Lim said...

boiled egg - i always ask for three quarter boiled ....

worldwindows said...

Miss these ad hoc moments. The sambal looks fiery, too strong for me!