Thursday, May 06, 2010

Another Birthday Cake @ Restoran Beng Kee, Kuala Ampang

I guess as you grow older, you become more “heaw”, and you get yourselves indulged in more parties like what we were doing at Restoran Beng Kee at Kuala Ampang. Another cake for my 52 years of existence from my “Chiew Kooi” pals. And I say “Thank You” to them.
The difference between Restoran Beng Kee and Restoran Mei Keng Fatt is that Beng Kee is popular among the local whereas Mei Keng Fatt is more for the expatriates. The service at Beng Kee Restaurant is better & friendly.

Deep fried pig intestines were a good starter and went very well with our Glenfiddich.

Crabs fried with salted eggs. The crabs were fresh & yummy.

Stir fried Angle Beans with pounded dry shrimp was crunchy and delicious.

Steam Tilapia fish with ginger was fabulous even a friend of us who do not eat Tilapia fish ate & finds it good. My favourite dish of the evening.

Mushrooms of 3 kinds & sizes fried with carrot and bean was gorgeous.

Oyster baked with cheese was interesting, the oysters were big & juicy.

And not forgetting to thank Guat Cheng for her complimentary arrangement with KDE.

Restoran Beng Kee
15, Jalan Awan,
Kuala Ampang
Tel: 03-4251 5922
GPS : 3.165328,101.750923


nadz said...

Dear Tai lim,

Happy birthday

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy Belated Birthday to u!!!

Sin Tai Lim said...

Nadz - thank you.

Somewhere in Singapore - Thanks.