Monday, May 10, 2010

Captain Mahamood Ibrahim - Another Old Friend from Badlishah School

It was on Mother’s Day on a Sunday where I had a good time to rekindle an old friendship from my Secondary School, Badlishah in Kulim. And he is none other than Captain Mahamood Ibrahim.

Captain Mahamood standing between Mah Tiek Chuan and Bukhari when they were in a class called 4 Science and the year was 1974.

The above was extracted from this photograph which was contributed by Tamijudin and it has to come all the way from Canada for this blog. Thanks again to Tamijudin.


nadz said...

Dear Tai Lim,

you put that picture make me remembered some of my friends. Some were with me in Padang Serai before transfered to science stream at Badlishah. They were Zainiyah Ishak(now datin), Aishah Abdullah,Lay Be Yong, Mui Eng and Fong.... I dont know the spelling.

Faizul said...

Hi Tai Lim,

Did not know Mahamood in school but knew him later in the Air Force.

Imagine, I was Form 5 in 1971, by 1974 the teachers are different. Only Cheah Kok Poh and John Loh are familiar faces.

Sin Tai Lim said...

nadz - yes you are right they were from SMPS. Do you know where are they now?

Faizul - Of course we know each others at school, just that over the years our memories faded but fortunately the light rekindles and will glow even brighter .....