Friday, May 21, 2010

Nasi Kandar Pelita பெலிடா நசீ கண்டார at SS2 Petaling Jaya

I remember at this back lane of my dad’s house in Green Lane, Penang where an Indian man would suspend 2 rattan baskets of Nyonya food for sale using a wooden pole and balancing it across his shoulder.

In a similar way Indian Muslim used to “kandar” their nasi, moving from one place to another to sell their delicious curry dishes. These methods of trading are all gone and can not be seen anymore.

And if you are craving of this fabulous Nasi Kandar then you can go to places like “Nasi Kandar Pelita”. There are so many similar shops selling 24 hours at every corner of Malaysia but the popular ones are found in Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Kari Ikan (Fish Curry) was delicious with strong curry fragrant making it so tantalizing when eaten with the plain rice.

Kari sotong or squids was another interesting dish and ultra delicious dish especially those with roe in it.

“Kicap Ayam” - Chicken with thick and sweet soya sauce is like a must eat dish to many people. Somehow it is rather addictive.

Raw & green Chili was such a thriller, you just bite a bit of the green chili, put a spoonful of rice with curry into your mouth. And let your taste buds do the rest. Awesome !!!

Poached lady fingers a common veggie seen at everyone single Nasi kandar shop in town.

A spicy & crispy papadom on my rice, a good starter before we begin our Indian Muslim curry journey…. It’s really wonderful to stay in Malaysia where we can enjoy so many kind of food and one of then this is magical ......N A s I K a n d A r…….
Nasi Kandar Pelita பெலிடா நசீ கண்டார
Jalan SS2/64
Petaling Jaya
GPS : 3.118192,101.61986


LION GIRL said...

Me too! I love nasi kandar! Is it true the best is still in Penang?

nadz said...

Dear Tai Lim,

I love nasi kandar too. .. but try to avoid at this age..

foodbin said...

a very fulfilling meal.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Lion Girl - I think it's true the best is still in Penang...

nadz - glad to know you are controlling your makan. That's GOOD.

foodbin - a meal of nasi kandar is 100 & one percent fulfilling.....