Friday, May 14, 2010

A Good Morning Walk @ KGT PDRM for a 9 Holes Golf

It has been a while since I last took a walk in this beautiful golf course in the city of Kuala Lumpur. My walking mate failed to turn up he has over slept and I have to walk alone. I decided to take some photos for my blog as the flight of a group of senior golfers in front of me was taking their time to complete their journey.

Hole No.1 (Par 3, 157m, Index 15) – This hole is a bit funny for me sometimes you like it and sometimes you hate it all depend on the yardage of the day. If it is too long Hole-in-One into the pond is likely. This is the hole I strike Hole-in-One on February 28, 2010. Today I got a par with an Iron 5 tee off and 2 putted. And all the sudden I got this feeling that I will be doing well today.

Hole No. 2 (Par 4, 410m, Index 3) – This is a tricky and lengthy par 4 to get 2 on is impossible for me. And to get a par is a once in a blue moon affair. I did reasonably well though with a bogie 3 on & 2 putts. This score is good enough for me to “cari makan” and will be happy if I can constantly maintain it.

Hole No. 3 (Par 5, 455m, Index 9) – I got a miserable triple bogie for this hole, 5 on and 3 putted. This is one of those strokes you hate to get. This hole is relatively a short Par 5 but if you blunder then there goes your chance for a par.

Hole No. 4 (Par 3, 160m, Index 17) – I have to use my rescue hybrid to tee off (slightly uphill) but unfortunately it was short and an Approach wedge to bring the ball on the green and 2 putts for a bogie.

Hole No.5 (Par 4, 373m, Index 5) – Another Par 4 where I can hardly get a regulation onto the green but to get a par is possible. Today I got the ball 4 on the green and 2 putted for a double bogie.

Hole No.6 (Par 5, 615m, Index 1) – This hole is the Longest Par 5 in Malaysia 615 metres. I managed to drive across the first characteristic of this hole, a Main Drain cutting across the fairway. My subsequent hits were all terrible it went into the hazard, the drain or “Longkang” twice and once up on a tree (what a luck). A worker from the Oxidation plant saw it and informed me of the ball. Thank You Mr. Bangladeshi if it was not for you I could not have found my ball. This was a disastrous hole for me ended up with a 9 strokes for this hole…..

Hole No.7 (Par 4, 320m, Index 11) – This hole is called the “Pokok Assam” Hole. My ball landed behind the pond and requires another 140 metres to reach the green and uphill. My wood #3 connected the ball into the left bunker. My bunker shot was decent but I missed the par putt and ended up with a "sandy" bogie…..

Hole No.8 (Par 4, 315m, Index13) – I did not have a good drive at the tee box the ball landed on the fairway with about 155metre to the green. My second shot was short this time it was behind the bunker and I have to loop the ball onto the green. The ball landed about 5 feet near the pin but I missed the Par putt again and have to live with a bogie.

Hole No.9 (Par 4, 310m, Index 7) – I had a good drive my ball was found plucked on the fairway. I took my Rescue Hybrid for the next shot but it went short of the green. My chip was a disappointment and ended 4 on with 2 putts for a Double Bogie. Well my feeling of playing well did not happen this particular morning and that is golf hahaha.....
That was how I look after the 9 holes walk in Kelab Golf Titiwangsa PDRM. It was a good exercise which I estimated that I have walked approximately 2.9 kilometers for nearly 2 hours. My final score was 51 (4 over) with an official handicap of 22 here in KGT PDRM.


Steven Goh said...

wao... wat an interesting walk. Next time teach me golf ya. I am just a beginner.

Sin Tai Lim said...

Steven Goh - Hi no problem but I worry it will a case of a blind leading a blind .... hehehehe