Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tribute Montage to Mr. Frankie Cheah (HQ)

It was probably during my lower secondary school I was exposed to English music. From thereon I slowly cultivated the interest in music but in a slow pace. Prior to that, I only listen to my dad's Chinese songs at home in Padang Serai. Interestingly song like Frankie Cheah's “Woman in My Life” was part of my life as a young boy. That was the beginning of my life where there were music and melody in it. Just like what you see in a Bollywood movie (action with music). And these songs of Frankie Cheah were one of my favourite local music. Everyone loves it too at that time. I am glad that I am able to listen to his songs again I have nearly forgotten about them. It surely brings back the good old memories of my past. I hope my friends (especially those of the same era) will enjoy these songs by Frankie Cheah.

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