Sunday, May 23, 2010

Papa Poor Going to PappaRich @ Rampai Business park, Setapak

We went round Rampai Business Park looking for food. This is a new development of Sri Rampai vicinity in Setapak, there were shops with poor patronage and there were shops with good patronage. Papparich outlet is enjoying good patronage. This Pappa blogger is not rich but is bringing his family for a Papparich experience. Hopefully, after the meal this Papa will not get poorer.

I must say that the quality of food at Papparich is of a better quality compare to most Kopitiam outlets. I am amased by it and no wonder it is popular. This is my first time here at Papparich. So the adventure starts with these orders from four of us:-

PappaBun (RM2.80)– It was a simple bun but super duper bun to savour, though simple but sweet.

Pappa Curry Laksa Special with Foo Chok (RM9.90) – my pick for a big bowl of curry noodle, the curry tasted delicious but the ingredient was too little especially the poached chicken (2 small miserable pieces not for that price). The bowl is full of carbohydrate too much of noodle I would prefer with more bean sprouts in it.

Dry Koay Teow with Prawn(RM8.90) – Another satisfied customer with this nice rice noodle was my wife. I hope it was not a bias opinion as she had met the lady owner of Papparich before.

Pappa Fish & Chips with fried rice & Egg (13.80) – Xiang Yi’s choice of a big and sumptuous order (always like that) maybe a growing boy needs more food than his poor Papa.

Ipoh Koay Teow Soup with Prawn & Chicken (RM8.90) – My youngest son chose this and he was very pleased with his order.

Fried Fish Cake (RM5.80)– a side order to compliment of our meal and it was a right choice, succulent and tasty.

Fried Foo Chok (RM5.80)– This is another side order it was oily and nothing interesting to talk about this Foo Chok.

Pappa ABC Special with Ice Cream (RM6.90)– four of us shared this lovely dessert after our meal, the chendol & red bean were well prepared soft and soothing as they should be. The ice was finely shaved and the taste was inviting. I will give a thumb up for this ABC.

Goodbye PappaRich, PapaPoor will come back for more. Meanwhile we will start saving for you. Cheers…..
No 1, Jalan Rampai Niaga 5,
Rampai Business Park
53300 Setapak,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel +603 4142 8255
Fax +603 4142 3116

Approximate GPS : 3.198395,101.728345


nadz said...

Pappa is never poor. He is rich with happy family and friends.

Tailim said...

nadz - I try. Happy family and always remember during school days we wrote F.R.A.N.C.E. Friendship Remains And Never Can End....