Friday, May 07, 2010

A Bicycle Ride around Taman Setiawangsa, KL

It was a beautiful Sunday under the casuarinas & palm trees with intermittent breeze for a delicious laksa utara.

I took my son’s bike for a ride. Going down to the commercial area of Setiawangsa was easy but cycling back home uphill was tiring.

And this was the delicious Assam Laksa Utara.

Taman Setiawangsa has almost grown to its limit with mature trees everywhere, beautiful landscape and amenities are well kept by the local authority (BN VIP is staying here & that's why).

This would probably be the most distinguish character of Setiawangsa, a scary vertical slope protection where the VIP lives up there……

This is the basketball court where I ended my basketball days. I snapped my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) in 2002 January 19th. That was the saddest moment as far as playing basketball is concerned. I really love this game.

Mahsuri Apartment is the oldest apartment and is an eye sore of Taman Setiawangsa. Mahsuri needs paintwork. It is for sure that the Management Committee of Mahsuri does not have the money. I always believe that I&P Bhd as a concerned developer should help financially to carry out a repaint for this building. It will be good for the image of I&P Bhd and the residents of Setiawangsa. A paint work that is long overdue (since 1987).

These are the commercial buildings of Setiawangsa. I have been staying here for the last 22 years and I like this neighbourhood very much. Things have changed so much since I moved to this place in 1988. I remember there was no Jalan Jelatak (now this road is so popular and heavily used). Access to this place was limited and improper at that time, now it is totally different. We are now enjoying the DUKE highway which made it so convenient to travel.

The name Taman Setiawangsa is becoming known to people of Klang Valley. There is a Setiawangsa LRT station, lot of road signs to Setiawangsa seen at DUKE highway and a constituency under Setiawangsa.

Taman Setiawangsa
Kuala Lumpur

GPS : 3.178288,101.742496


nadz said...

Dear Tai Lim,

An interesting info about Taman Setiawangsa. Thanks.
I never live in a big crowded place like that... So not much to say.

Tailim said...

Nadz - I remember sometimes in the mid 70's, there was this Pak Cik from Permatang Tok Dik with his Tiga Roda selling Laksa in the Pdg Serai. I miss his lovely laksa in steel plate & spoon.A bit of garam from the Chicken Essence bottle to add on. I don't know whether you know of this Pak Cik...

nadz said...

Dear Tai Lim,

Sure I remember him. We are from the same village..kampung Permatang Durian. I called him
" Pak Yit" (his real name Taib) Now I also ingat his Laksa.. Till laksa ever win in my taste except that Pak Yit Laksa.
My make me remember that man..I missed Padang Serai!

Tailim said...

Nadz - I remember his laksa laid on a big metal plate cover with a white cloth. The texture of the laksa is dry in bulat & layer form, no such laksa anymore....and the smell of his gravy is still in my memory ... hahahaha.

Wan Mokhtar Bin Awg.Ramlee Al-Sambas @ Dave Li Wanji said...

Hey Guys....Awwwwww you took me back to those good old days of my boyhood in Padang Serai, circa 1950 (JKR-151 Jalan Aman)when you talk about Pak Yit the Laksa Man. TaiLim you remember him on a tricycle selling his famous established Laksa of Pmt.Tok Dik - Pdg.Serai. I remember Pak Yit on a bicycle (bicycles in those days are big and strong!)selling the same laksa you talked about. Yes indeed Pak Yit's laksa was to be the best in the world!! God Bless You Pak Yit!!!domosi

Tailim said...

Dave - I am glad you was part of Pak Yit and knew him much earlier than us. I am also glad that Pak Yit is being remembered by at least 3 of us in this cyber world. Long live Padang Serai!

Unknown said...

Hi Brother/Sisters.hoe to cycling melia hotel to taman setiawangsa ?