Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mee Rebus @ Taman Industri Sg Buloh

I have blogged this coffee shop sometime back in April 2009, see heRe.

This stall is operated by a young Chinese man assisted by this neatly dressed Indon lady and if you are in the mood for mee goreng or mee rebus prepared by a Chinaman. Here is the place to try.

There is no meat whatsoever in this plate of Mee Rebus (RM3.80 = US$1.00) neither it has any seafood in it yet it was simply delicious. It must to be the gravy that makes it so delicious. The gravy is not too thick with nice aromatic fragrant which is so inviting especially after a squeeze of lime in it.

I requested for less noodle and more bean sprouts. Poached potato cut into small cubes similarly for the tofu cubes. A dose of chili sauce, half of a hard boiled egg, a bit of green cut chili and deep fried fritter. These fritters were gorgeously crispy and yummy.

It was a fulfilling breakfast at Restoran Big Family and indeed a good Mee Rebus prepared by a Chinaman…….

I had this Mee Goreng from the same stall on 20 March 2009.

Restoran Big Family
Lorong TSB 10A
Taman Industri Sg Buloh
GPS : 3.166465,101.569707


SimpleGirl said...

hmm....long time didnt take mee rebus...ur post makes me feel like having one for lunch

Sin Tai Lim said...

SimpleGirl - So did you have mee rebus for lunch. Maybe it would great if you blog your mee rebus in Penang. I m sure they are good over there.