Monday, November 05, 2012

Medan Day 3 - Royal Sumatra Golf & Country Club

Last game of our Medan trip, I partnered TC and Danny with Yeaw.
 This was the third day and last day of this trip with a round of golf in the morning and take a afternoon flight back to Kuala Lumpur. And here we were on our way to Royal Sumatera Golf Club.

The golf bags were dropped in front of the club house.
The bags were then mounted and ready for us to start the game.
At last we reached the ultimate platform for an ultimate game before to say goodbye to Medan.
A little bit of stretching and warm up was necessary as our cold bodies were stiff and lazy.
Putting is an important part of the golfing, one has to be good at it with good putting feel in order to roll the ball into the hole confidently. Easier said then done and most of the time we fumble in this aspect of the game.
The show continuous to move on and hole by hole there were episodes.....let's enjoy it as we move on.
The golf course is beautiful in fact the best among the three courses we have played, the landscape is impressive and still planting more plants & trees in the golf course.
Danny Chan at a tee box looking into a church at one of the holes.
We were told that this mansion which is under construction belongs to an Indian man with 8 wives whom all the wives will be staying in this building and one of them was golf caddy (what a lucky girl). The works has been under construction for the last 4 years. It is indisputably a big mansion in Royal Sumatera Golf CC.
I pulled my tee shot and the ball went into a bunker on the left, I tried to hit the ball as far as possible from the bunker with a 7 Iron but the ball hit the lid of the bunker it could only cover 20-30 metres still a long away to go for a Par 5.
The score for the first nine.
An interesting leafy creeper on this tree green.
There was a dispute of the score at this last hole but after much deliberation it was concluded and all in all it was a great game. The partnership game and a slight hiccup for the individual side betting.
 Restoran ACC is another restaurant serving Minang food with several branches in Medan and we visited this place on our way to Polonia International Airport. Thank you to En. Ibrahim for bringing us around in Medan. It was a great golfing trip and we hope to come back again. Salam Sejatera dan jumpa lagi.

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