Friday, November 23, 2012

Bike X Series 17 Nov 2012 @ i-City Shah Alam

The route of Bike X Series as mapped up using mapmyride mobile application.
I woke up in the morning wondering where can I ride on this Sunday and I found out that there was a ride called Bike X Series at Shah Alam. The ride supposed to start at 7.30am and I still got time to get a ghost rider.
The crowd would be in a range between 150 - 200 riders, pretty big a group and it looks fun.
Riders with all kind of bicycles RB, MTB and folding bikes and it was so colourful.
Everyone was waiting for the green light to commence the race....or rather not a race but more of a fun ride.
 My fellow riding friends with their sophisticated bicycles. I like their bikes.
A quiet Sunday atmosphere of Klang has been disturbed by this event and a bit of traffic inconvenient to some road users as there were certain priority given to the cyclists....have mata mata mah.
A group of foldies for a professional photo shooting.
A rescue to a lady rider with a snapped chain...truly a powerful lady rider indeed.
Last pit stop before we complete the event.
Some went looking for some nice Malay food at a nearby warung and some gathered at the base for food & lucky draws.
My friend here has already taken the food and I like their Tomyam beehoon goreng and it was awesomely good.
I am glad that I make it to this event though I did not register myself for it but I enjoyed being one ghost ride. Terima kasih....see you again fellow riders.  Sometime it's nice to be ghost rider.

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