Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nasi kandar - Line Clear Penang Road

We reached Penang late in the day and wanted to try nasi kandar hence we went looking for one. I decided Line Clear for the fun of it though we might have to wait in a queue. We noted that a new sign board at the entrance of the narrow alley.
Most of the people queuing were from out stations, it was a weekend and a public holiday, they came for their famous nasi kandar.

I just wanted a simple meal of warm fish curry (cut pomfret) with 2 lady fingers and a hard boiled egg. The smell and taste of this nasi kandar was so awesome.
Everyone visiting this stall have decided what to eat what they fancy and that will eventually make them happy.
My father in-law and his daughter were too engrossed in their foods and all the sudden my in-law had a good appetite for food. He should eat out more often in Penang.
What a good place for an excellent spicy food in Penang and a food that you must not miss in Penang - Nasi kandar.
Nasi Kandar Line Clear

177, Penang Road
Tel:  04-2614440
GPS : 5.419768,100.332442

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