Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Practice Round on Broga Reverse

56km we rode for a practice round of Broga Reverse and this ride is solely for foldies. For other bikes it will be 116km and it's totally another ball game. Come December 9, 2012 it s the actual date for this event. Go check it out!!!
The people who came for the trial.
Approximately 7:20am we started to ride on the route. Over looking us is the beautiful Broga Hills.
A pit stop at a small town called Lenggeng.
Somehow when we were waiting in Lenggeng there were a delay (some kind of technical problem), we wasted no time and savour some of Lenggeng's food & drinks.
I love the old architectural of Lenggeng town.
My nose was sensitive and I just cannot get over it.
We tried the local durian and it was good.. It is the start of a durian season in this area.
The toughest will be the return journey back to Lenggeng via this loop.....have fun (a word of advice prepared especially newbies).
The route is relatively quiet on weekend and surely a good route to ride.
After our ride some of us drove back to Broga Town for food & drinks. Such a lovely town with so many people visiting & eating in this stall.
The Pan Mee is popular here and I like it.
So don't forget this date on December 9, 2012. Register yourself and have fun at Broga on this Sunday.

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