Thursday, November 01, 2012

Medan - Day 2 @ Bukit Barisan Golf Course

We went to a narrow road to look for a famous Char Koay Teow in Medan and we found the place. The CKT was plain & simple with bean sprouts & added eggs. No cockle, no Lup Cheong, don't even think of prawns.
Same goes with the fried beehoon but with a dose of sambal belacan to go with it. Yet it's popular. We have to wait for a while for our noodles. There were also many people waiting to take away, just couldn't figure what is so good of this CKT.
Only the local people would know the place, a road that looks like a back lane.
And somewhere in the middle block you will see this Aunty busy frying the noodles non-stop....and the wok would probably serves for only 5 plates or so. She has the patient to fry in small portions so we must also have the patient to wait.
........a cup of coffee for me while I wait.
This lucky uncle got his share and was happily eating his simple and delicious Char Koay Teow.
Kwetiaw Goreng @ Jalan Porsea (Near Jalan Bogor) GPS : 3.584941,98.685089.
Welcome to Bukit Barisan Country Club, Medan designed by Jack Nicklaus.
Let register & start playing golf.
These were the four caddies assigned to us and deep in my heart I hope to get one that is good in reading the greens.
The score card.
The condition of these buggies was at tip top status.
Let the battle begins for Day 2.
At the first Tee Box and blessed with a wonderful sky for us.
And off we went to complete another 18 holes and who shall be the sponsors for tonight's dinner.
 Something that was peculiar at the drink hut which I have not seen in Malaysia, there were three types of egg (chicken, village chicken & duck) sold here and the steamed bananas.

I tried the hard boiled duck egg the taste was strong so was the colour of the egg yoke.
The day's partnership may looks lopsided as it had to go through thick & thin but the plan was to hold on our early converts and capitalise on the "stroke"' holes.

Young boys taking a dip in a pond as we were passing by on the second nine.
 Second break at the same drink hut. The result was exciting and at times it was threatening especially at the last the two holes. Thank goodness the underdogs won the day.

Another popular restaurant for Nasi Padang and this time it was at Restoran Simpang Tiga. The place is reasonably big and cosy. So let's try the food here.
The time was around 2.30pm some of the dishes we wanted were all sold out.
Begedil daging bigger than the ones I seen in KL.
Ikan Teri Bilih
Ayam Goreng Pop
The gravy is thick & rich with coconut milk, the sambal is oily and if we were to eat this kind of food everyday I think we will put on weight very fast.

 Colourful dessert of Restoran Simpang Tiga.

The roof is of Minangkabau and a distinguish characteristic of West Sumatra.
We paid a brief visit to Rodalink after our lunch, nothing spectacular about this shop in fact the ones in Klang Valley carry more stocks.
It was a Saturday night the traffic in Medan was horrendous coupled with a musical pesta around the corner that made the whole situation worse. The amount of motor cycles is humongous, everywhere is infested with motorcycles even the "beca" are motorised.

Maxim Seafood Restaurant - a Chinese restaurant and it is halal.
Due to the bad traffic situation in the city and we could not be too choosy, we just picked one restaurant that was at our immediate sight.

 Jl. Merak Jimgga No. 2D
Medan Perjuangan, Medan.

That's Day 2 in Medan.

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