Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kiara Hills - Subak & Perdana Hikes with Folding Bicycles

It was a last minute plan to create this event as most of my cyclists friends have plans of their own on this particular holiday November 15, 2012. A total of eleven of us responded to this invite and took up the challenge.
There were a couple of hikes and the first one was Kiara Hills, as expected Kiara Hills will be crowded with people but it was fun. We managed this Climb No.1 satisfactorily.
After Kiara Hills they went over to Restoran Yong Len for breakfast.
The weather wasn't looking good but we proceeded as our desire to cycle was strong.
The second climb at Kg. Sg. Penchala going through the hills of the kampong was tough and we were soaking wet. Again it was fun because the rain wasn't too heavy to dampen us.
We visited an exotic restaurant, Subak for some lovely shots.
And finally the ultimate climb at Damansara Perdana, I could say it's the most difficult climb but at last we completed and were very happy over it.
Though it was painful when we were struggling to inch by inch to ascend the climb and it was worth the effort in deed.
We dropped by a friend's shop at Bandar Utama, My Bicycle Shop on our way back to our base. It was a great day with lovely cyclists and completed with full and excellent marks. We shall ride again.
The 34 km route we took to ascend 3 major climbs and we did it with our folding bicycles.

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