Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Restoran Lam Khie @ Selama Perak for an Exotic Food

On our way back to KL from Penang we detoured to Padang Serai, Kulim and finally to Selama, Perak. There are two Selama one is at Kedah & the other is in Perak our destination was Selama Perak. It was a lovely drive going through many kampongs, small towns, paddy fields, rubber and oil palm plantations.
We found Selama and it was my first time to Selama, just a typical small town and quiet on a Sunday noon time.
Restoran Lam Khie (it was known as Lam Kee previously  can be easily located found on the main road, Jalan Besar. A good friend of Jo insisted that we must visit her family's restaurant whenever we are back to north.
Poi Mei has fixed 12.30pm for us to savour the food but we were there earlier. Yes at last we were at Restoran Lam Khie with my mother, father in law, maid & my wife to try some good foods.
Frankie Chea the owner cum cook sorting out the fresh supply of fresh water prawns.
 Wow just look at the elegant fresh water prawns.

When we reached there were locals relaxing at the shop some eating Wan Tan Mee and some eating rice with wild boar curry with rice.
The pot of wild boar curry looks enticing, next time I shall try it.
A pot of stock for the noodle.
Wan Tan Mee of Selama and the noodle is own made.
Sang Har Mien - It was awesome the fresh prawns were so tasty so was the noodle. The own made was chewy nothing like those hard preserved yee mee we normally get in KL . This is a must try dish.
Frankie took a bit of extra time to garner his food for my simple photography.
Our prawns at the kitchen.
The home made noodle of Lam Khie.
Steamed fresh water Lampang Fish with soy sauce & ginger was another delicious dish prepared by Frankie.
And the roe of the fish on top of it. The meat is sweet but full of bones.
Our fresh water Lampang fish.
Frankie Chea told us he started boiling this soup since 5 something in the morning and I enjoyed the richness of tis tonic soup. It was awesome and must have it again.
 It's a softback turtle and village chicken soup boiled with red dates and wolf berries, such a great delicacy.

Though Selama Perak is a small and quiet town but the established cooking of Lam Khie has bring regular patrons into the shop.  I would like to recommend you to visit the unique shop call Frankie if you want to try his soup and I bet you will love this visit.
Restoran Lam Khie

52, Jalan Besar,

34100, Selama, Perak, Malaysia.

Telephone: 05-8395088 

GPS :5.219073,100.692732 

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Kash said...

If only can buy those food here,sigh...

Tailim said...

Kash - sorry for tempting you....

Kash said...

Don't be, it's nice to see them!

Peter Khiew said...

Just look at the turtle soup. Never give it a miss if one were to visit Selama. I will be making a trip there in January 2013 and this restaurant will be my destination!