Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wonderful Ride in UPM Serdang - Mardi

After much deliberation in one of our happy hours we decided to do UPM, Serdang, where we met at a golf driving range in campus as suggested by Wee. He will be the main man for the day and we shall follow him.....Yes Mr. Captain let's go.
Wee is very familiar with this place, as for F&B he can "hutang" first and that is how well he knows this territory, so don't mess around with him when you are in Serdang. A simple breakfast before we start the ride.
We started the fun by going down the side of the driving range and followed the leader obediently.
ERL track is just behind the driving range.
Here come the ERL train, we just could not keep up with its speed...hehehe.
The campus looks quiet on a weekend and so nice to pedal around.
Going uphill to a Food Court where we took a group picture.
As usual those energetic ones will pose one or two for the record.
From the ground of UPM we crossed over to MARDI and the first place we visited was a morning Agricultural market (Pasar Tani).
Colourful people to brighten the day especially when the festival of light was approaching.
Being an agricultural base institution there are plenty of greens and attractive colour in the university such as these flowers at the road side.

The month of Novemeber is about to complete soon and these works were supposed to complete for an exposition....hope they can complete in time but I see trouble.
Time to appreciate the beauty of the campus.

One of the many pit stops we had in Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang.
We had an interesting episode of rambutan in the campus.
It started here where we were so joyful to see ripe rambutan up on trees and we started to pluck them like this, We enjoyed the fun of plucking and eating but it was short life, the caretaker came and told us off. We apologised and retreated we did not even want to question any further. All we wanted was to continue riding but we had a good laugh over this incident.....
I must say the rambutan is good small, sweet and lekang...yummy yummy. One more please....
At one of the main entrance of Mardi.
The green green grass of home at Mardi.
Come to this exposition sometime this end of November, visit this pineapple center, they are from Johor and should be interesting.

Some of the attractive buildings of MARDI.

What's next Pak Wee....where to?
An old building of the Agricultural Department of Malaysia and the building is dated 1930.
We decided we ride out of the campus for some Serdang food  and Wee led us through another controlled gate which is only passable using 2 wheelers like ours.
One of the route through Sri Serdang before we ended up in Seri Kembangan.
Along Jalan Besar, Seri Kembangan heading for our Yong Tau Foo.
Serdang Sisters Lam Yong Tau Foo.
Girls having fun with their fixie.
This where I meant is only passable with two wheeler. Please note the closing time of this gate.
And we were back to UPM again.
Rivern took us to this bicycle shop in the campus where he visited once for a workshop.

This is Basikal Akmal, the owner of this great hideout and he got plan to do up the place.
A group photo session with Akmal.
The weather continued to be good and superb for the day.
This is a rare composition of a Malaysian set up of a university I was surprised to see a chapel in the compound. Hat off for this I am truly amazed by this beautiful St. Anne Chapel.
The interior of the chapel where there were students rehearsing some songs.
Though it's a small chapel but I am glad student from outstation can use it to for their worship. 
Thanks to my bike for the comfortable ride here.
Since we were in a golf course with water and compressed air blowing facilities we might as well use them to clean our bikes.
A peep into where we rode in this wonderful route.
The weather was kind to us despite it was a raining season and we were blessed with an excellent day and the ride was equally wonderfully. We will come back for more.

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