Saturday, December 13, 2008

Nyonya Foods @ Klebang Beach

After a few beer at the club house of AKCC, we were led to Klebang Beach for food. And we finally arrived at this gorgeous restaurant, The Seafarer which is run by a Peranakan, Mike Thein and his wife Cassie, a marvellous set up in this part of the world. This is my first time here to this part of West Malaysia, shameful lah did even know where Klebang is..

Besides Nyonya food, you can find sea sports here, including all kind of boatings from kayak to big and speedy boats, there are many boats seen at this place. In fact if you want to buy boats you can get them here. We were told that we will be seeing Thein's family boat making yard on the following day. This place is big with a newly constructed sea view party deck protruding into the Straits of Malacca.
The man responsible for this wonderful trip is none other than Y.B. Brandon Wong, cousin brother of Mike Thein, stories told to us about their granfather, parents, childhood adventures and how they were brought up in this part of Malacca as Peranakan farm boys. Hungry guests waiting for food....stomach growling.....Brandon took me to the kitchen of The Seafarer, Brandon's sister the Cook of The Seafarer in action (Y.B. Brandon is partly hidden, sorry about that). A wok of Nyonya curry chicken.. Another wok of Pomteh, another popular Nyonya dish. On the our dining table..

AYAM POMTEH (Braised Chicken with Garlic, Shallot & Pepper ) very delicious...

Fried squids or sotong.

Butter fried prawns.

Assam pedas fish - very tasty. Speri asked for a bowl, he loves the assam soup.

Wonderful and fresh steamed fish, caught from the sea just behind us. Crab - fried the Nyonya style.
Sambal belacan on lady fingers Nyonya style, another great dish.
To get to this place ; GPS location: 2.2201, 102.1863

After a long night and much talking and learning about deep sea diving or scuba diving (one of the main topics of our conversation) until 2am , everyone was so tired and wanting to sleep. The consumption of beer was one too many!!! We put up a "night" in this semi detached house which near Seafarer. Incident No.2 happened - one of the golfers just went back straight to Kuala Lumpur for no apparent reason. Morning scenes near the house. Land reclamation works in progress.For breakfast, I had 3 packets of this Nasi Lemak Bungkus back at The Seafarer.

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