Friday, September 22, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 2 - Sekinchan to Hutan Melintang

Good morning Sekinchan, this town has been very popular among the local tourists with many places to stay overnight and many places to eat & shop. We started the morning visiting this food court, Restoran Sin Ming Kee for some decent food like porridge and noodles.
For the benefit of our visiting friend from oversea we did a brief ride around in Sekinchan visiting the rice factory and mango farm before we continued with our journey.
The Guest House owner Mr. Wong accompanied us to the fringe of Sekinchan and bade farewell to us. Thank you Mr. Wong and we shall see you again next time.
From Pantai Redang of Sekinchan there is an earth bund access along the coastline which is rather lengthy and fun to ride along. There are many cows and cow dung found along it and one has to be careful not to roll over the dung.
One for the album at the earth bund.
We decided to turn from the laterite road and set into lovely kampong atmosphere. 
We were back to same Mee Udang stall at Sg. Nibong and I agreed with Joe that the quality of the prawn mee was better than the last time we came. Well done Mee Udang King Original we love your noodle and the fresh prawns!
The route on Day 2 was of mainly inner roads without much of a traffic nuisance, indeed a peaceful and enjoyable 62km ride.
A place to stop and rest is essential. Bus stop is one of the most common places to take a break and it is also a good shelter from the heat and rain.
The GPS device I am using is of Garmin Oregon powered by 2 nos. of rechargeable AA dry batteries. The routes for the entire round Peninsula are all loaded in it and I rely on it very much. For instance you can confidently cycle at long stretches of quiet road without fear and knowing exactly your position in relation to the destination you are heading. But at times you have to use it smartly.
After a long and scenic ride in the coconut plantation we found the jetty to take us across Bernam River and over to Hutan Melintang.
We could sense comfort coming its way ..... the food, the bed and a good rest. By the way we were at the verge of crossing to another state and welcome to Perak.
A short distance from the jetty we stopped by at this shop from some food and drinks.
The drizzle continued to bless us as we cycled into the main town hunting for a decent hotel. We checked into Legenda Hotel. The day ended with a dinner at Restoran Seafood Happiness before we called it a night.
Day 2 ride was easy and pleasant with a relatively flat terrain.

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