Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 8 - Penang to Sg. Petani

I have participated a couple of CFAL events consecutively until last year and this year I decided not to take part but just to witness the event. On that morning I cycled to Youth Park by the time I reached where there were already some early finishers. Well done CFAL for another successful year and keep it up! 
I met friends like Siew Choo from KL at Youth Park. CFAL was actually held on Day 7 of Cycle Malaysia.
I got a surprise meet up with an old secondary school buddy from Kulim Ronald Heng. I like seeing him with his cycling attire. Well done and keep it up Bro.
And Winnie whom I hope to see again when I reach Melaka in this tour of mine by September.
Day 8, 14 August 2017, I left Penang and continued with the adventure. I left my mum's house around 7.00am. This is the start of Stage II of Cycle Malaysia and this time around I was cycling alone.
Sitting in the ferry with the wind blowing against my face and recalling the younger years when I was doing the same at the similar spot.
The only bicycle in the ferry with many motorbikes mostly going to work in the morning.
My first visit on the mainland was Bee Tin's house at Taman Inderawasih. Thank you Bee Tin for the lovely breakfast and we shall meet again. One of my main objectives of this tour was to meet as many old friends as possible when cycling around the country.
My next destination was Padang Serai, the small town where I was born. I tried to use the same bus route from Butterworth like in those days going through places such as Sg. Dua, Sg. Puyu and Tasik Gelugur. Welcome to Kedah.
This gentlemen has cooked for me when I was a young boy and today he is still around serving his delicious dishes. Well done Lau Lee and it was nice to see you again.
Having lunch with me at Lau Lee's stall were Sum Yee, classmate of mine during the primary and secondary school. And Khong Sook one of my hometown friends whom we shared our teenage days together. 
After the lunch Haji Halim called me up and we met up at Kim Eng's shop. These are my friends since primary school and it was such a wonderful time meeting up again.
The post office where I used to take the steps up the building posting letters and opened my first saving account here in this building. Unfortunately the building seems to be dilapidating each time I look at it, I just hope that building could be preserved and kept as a landmark for Padang Serai.

With Bob Lew in front of his family's shop, a shop that is close to my heart. I used to "lepak" here very often during my time in Padang Serai.
Then I left Padang Serai for Sg. Petani using the old estate way (Victoria Estate) to Kg. Sidam crossing the Muda River. 
Finally I reached Sg. Petani where I put up the night at my brother's house at Laguna Merbok.
The ride for Day 8.

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