Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 10 - Alor Setar - Kangar

After a good sleep at Hotel Samila and I was set to move on. It was raining in the morning I had to wait for the rain to stop before I could look for a place to have my breakfast. 
The oldest Tua Pek Kong Temple in Alor Setar located at Jalan Tunku Yaacob.
Zahir Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia.
Trying out Alor Setar's prawn noodle, it tasted good I quite enjoyed it. The sky was still drizzling but not heavy I decided to move on.
Paddy Museum was my next destination where I headed north towards Gunung Keriang direction.
It's time to get closer to the coastline where I cut through Alor Janggus and cycle towards Kuala Perlis. It was mainly padi fields along the way without much of shading trees fortunately it was a cloudy wet day and it was lovely to cycle with the sea breeze freshing your face.
There were many river mouths along this northern trail and at every kuala you will see typically fishing boats at the river side. The scenery is always awesome and a haven for photographers. I followed along the Kuar river for Kuala Kuar.
This coastal access is narrow, long and straight with hardly any cars on it. On the sides are mostly padi fields and a few prawn farms besides the sea view.
The access can be sometime as bad as this but only at a short stretch. The tranquility of such path is lovely to ride on especially along the "tepi laut"

It was low tide when I was riding along this stretch.
The seaside road at Kampung Ayer Hitam is interesting and unique. A house address of this locality.
One of the prawn feeding farms at Ayer Hitam, Kedah.
A small and narrow estuary at Ayer Hitam with some boats tucking at the nipah trees.
Cutting through the padi fields where I got to see harvesting of paddy and the friendly folks of Kedah.
Sometimes I encounter friendly cows blocking the way as I slowly move closer to them and seek permission to pass them.
A good crowd seems to be coming in for lunch at this warong Restoran Seri Tanjung, Kuala Sanglang. For your information this place is quite near to the territory of Perlis.
The surrounding of Restoran Seri Tanjung with lovely scene where you can see fishing boats moving up and down the river.
Drying of fishes for dried salted fish at the neighbourhood.
Immediately after Kuala Sanglang the scenery continues with the rock bund coastline and it is all the way to Kuala Perlis.
The condition of the road R152 gets better as I rode towards Kuala Perlis with cleaner and more landscape along the way.
Arriving at a warong at the border between Kedah and Perlis with both the  two states flag flying high and majestically.
My simple Malay food with curry fish and plain rice.
The rain started come again, this time it was heavier I managed to find a shelter with two guys in it. We chat and they were amazed of what I was doing with a small bicycle. The Malay man shared some tips on East West Highway road as he used to travel frequently when he was working as a lorry driver.
This river mouth at Simpang Ampat is so dense with fishing boats and there are houses built at the edges of the river.
A wet arrival at Kuala Perlis. It has a jetty and it is popular with among tourists visiting Langkawi island.
I took a few photographs of the floating Al Hussian Mosque next the Kuala Perlis Jetty and out into the sea is the Straits of Malacca.
Visiting Abdul Rahim Abdul Kadir was in my visit old friends list in Kangar, I managed to find his house at Kampung Bakong, Kangar after another 16km from Kuala Perlis.

I decided to check into Soo Guan Villa at Jalan Jejawi Permatang for the night and going to Arau on following day would be much easier.
I enjoyed this combination, this fried chicken with lemon grass was so yummy even the fried lemon grass went well with the beer.
I enjoyed the beautiful ride along the seasides of Kedah and Perlis on Day 10.

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