Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cycle Malaysia CM Day 1 - Sg. Buloh to Sekinchan

I have always wanted to do a tour of Peninsula Malaysia for a long time and eventually I did it. Here is my documentation of this adventure which took 43 days covering a distance over 2,600km, 3 nations and 11 states. I called this adventure "Cycle Malaysia" (CM), to know Malaysia is to cycle Malaysia.
After gathering much information from friends and the internet I plotted the entire journey with 8 stages. There were some changes in the plan but not severe.
On the first day my lovely wife sent me to the nearest LRT station where I got connected to Sg. Buloh Station and that was the starting point of CM. I was using a Brompton folding bicycle to do this tour, it has 6 speeds, the wheel size is 16", equipped with a Brompton T-bag for my travelling stuffs and a small saddle bag for my tools and first aids. I did not encounter any tyre puncture during the entire 43 days tour and the 4 spare tubes were left unopened in the bag.
Stage I of the tour was from Sg. Buloh to Penang. There were 6 of us participating in this stage and they were Jotaro Zen, Fenn Siah, Kimmiskie, Sooi Ying and Amanda Lee who flew in from Melbourne to join us in this pursuit.
All feeling fresh and eager to start the journey but everyone was hungry and had to eat first.
As usual there will be lots of eating and savouring of the many types of food found in Malaysia. Our first meal was Dim Sum at Sg. Buloh Village.
I did not realise that we will end up at this obstacle again which some of us have encountered before during our Wednesday rides. Fortunately this time, there was a huge steel "I" beam spanning across the stream. Slowly and step by step we managed to get to the other end.
Most of the routes we took were of inner roads either going through kampong or housing schemes but at time it was unavoidable and had to use the trunk roads.
The weather was fine on the first day with a bit of mild drizzle.
The places we chose to stop sometimes could be interesting and informative, for instance we know where to go if we want to visit sky mirror at Sasaran.
A contact for sky mirror visit for those who are keen.
Riding through a lovely scent of lime grass road in a quiet surrounding with coconut trees awaiting to welcome you.
This stretch of ride was nicely covered with huge shading trees and cycling through it was such a breeze.
Our lunch was at this old coffee shop at Kuala Selangor tasting some of its delicious local dishes.
Qi Jian Xi Shi Fo Zu Temple 七劍仙師佛祖古廟 at Pasir Penambang, Kuala Selangor.
After cycling for more than 92km we could smell Sekinchan and it's time to rest, eat and prepare for the next day.
At last we reached at Guest House Wong Corner for the night.
The route we took for the day.

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coconut said...

hi i would like to ask, when u cycle for 93km to reach sekinchan, can u let me know at wat speed does it take you and how many hour please. i am beginner and would like to embark your journey part by part. tqvm