Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 12 - Alor Setar to Sg. Petani

A brief check on the bike for any abnormality at times nuts might be loosened due to long riding and vibration on the road. It's also good to lubricate the chain as and when necessary.
I got excited seeing SMR Nasi Lemak Royale later I realised that there are so many "Royale" around Alor Setar.
My fuel for the day a nasi kandar at Jalan Tunku Ibrahim.
The house where Tun Dr Mahathir was born, it was still too early for visit.
This mamak sign board attracted me with a cargo bike in it. There is really a lot of nasi kandar shop in Alor Setar.
Stopped by at this spot to capture these decorative bikes.
Pondok Polis Simpang Tiga after 26km of riding somewhere in the vincity of Kota Sarang Semut. I find that this old trunk road between Alor Setar (Road 1) is nice to cycle with big matured tree shading the path especially the stretch until Gurun.
Midway of the journey is this small town, Guar Chempedak. One do not have to worry of getting food or drink along this trail as there are many small towns in between.
I actually never thought of Gunung Jerai and I only realised it when I reached the place. And immediately I decided to visit it.
I waited somewhere at the start of the climb trying to hitch a ride but failed after waiting for half an hour and so I decided to cycle up. I only managed 3km and turned back for a hired van.
The van to Gunung Jerai, boy the climb is really steep and I salute to those who are able to cycle up.
Took my bike out from the van for a short spin and photography. That was it a little excitement and adventure in Gunung Jerai.
My tummy has been signalling me for food and Gurun shall be the place for lunch.
Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan New Light for a bowl of yummy Kari Mee & a cup of Kopi "O" kosong at GPS: 5.815543, 100.477862
It was more than 7 years ago I was here with Yong Lim and friends for a game of golf during a Chinese New Year break. Today I came back with my bicycle.
I just could not resist myself for a natural juice on a very hot day at Taman Seroja, Sg. Petani.
It was so nice and comfortable inside Amanjaya Mall especially after a long ride and on a hot day. I did a bit of shopping and had coffee again at Old Town Coffee.
Dinner with Yong Lim & family. Thank you so much and we will see each other again.
The ride of 83km including the hike to Gunung Jerai by a van was about 23km, hence the actual cycling distance was only 60km for Day 12.

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