Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 4 - Ayer Tawar to Taiping

Day 4 we have to be in Taiping and it is more 90km away, we started with our breakfast at Restoran Lima Ratus Tujuh Puluh Lima 575 with some interesting noodles we rarely see in Kuala Lumpur.
We ordered a few type of the noodles such as pork ribs, fish paste, fish balls and the Chinese red wine chicken noodle. The portion was rather big and shared among ourselves to savour the different taste.
Goodbye Ayer Tawar and for the record we were here in this small community in the district of Manjung.
I always target an immediate destination in between such as the nearest town or an attraction to visit and this time it was Pantai Remis. I hope I was able to try their prawn fritters again. It was only 30km away, so Taiping can come later.
A pit stop at the entrance of a Chinese Village called Kg. Merbau with elaborate entrance and wall at the front.
Slowly but surely we are reaching our destinations.
Arriving at Pantai Remis town and passing by with several banks, supermarket and KFC seen along the main road. 
I decided to turn off into the old part of the town Pekan Lama hoping to try its prawn fritters. GPS location : 4.458928, 100.628585
We were too early for the prawn fritters hence we had Chee Cheong Fun instead with its local coffee.
We stopped by at this mamak shop to buy water and ended up trying a dough that the owner claimed no other places sell this long forgotten delicacy.
A kind of roti that looks like fried Yau Char Kueh.
We tried a piece which is served with a sauce. It was nice and lovely to eat. Sorry I forgotten the name of this dough.
We decided to stop at Trong Leisure Farm & Resort 自農休閒農莊 for lunch. This place was formerly a duck farm and has converted into a resort with many facilities such as accommodation, fishing, boating, visiting the duck farm & orchard and water fun activities. The roasted Peking duck we had for our lunch was below our expectation.
Finally we reached Taiping town and headed to the train Station to meet Brian who will be joining us to Penang.
We patronised this famous Taiping cendol shop Ansari Cendol at Jalan Barrack.
And off we went to a friend's house where we will be putting up a night at his place.
The ride for the day completed with a distance of 91km covered.

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