Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cycle Malaysia Day 9 Sg. Petani to Alor Setar

A good sleep at Yong Lim's place.
Time to leave Yong Lim's house and head North to Alor Setar. Basically I was taking the coastal route where I had the chance to visit several sites of Lembah Bujang at Sg. Batu as I left Sg. Petani. 
Merbok is now famous for its archaeological findings or rather its historical Bujang Valley.
Somewhere near the junction to the Archaeology Museum at Pekan Merbok I picked this quiet kopitiam for a bowl of Wan Tan mee and a cup of kopi"O" kosong.
I did not expect to see this dragon backs and this was my first encounter of dragon backs in this tour. The last climb was tough I had to dismount and pushed my bike.
I managed to peep out into the sea and the view was spectacular.
Then came the rain I took shelter at a bus stop next to this adik's stall selling la la clams. Selling at RM4 or RM5per kg (small and big). It was nice chatting with this friendly chap. Yan town is only 3km away and I fancied for a cup of hot kopi "O" on a wet morning.
Somehow I did not stop for any hot drink but continued to ride on enjoying the beautiful scenery after the cowboy town.
Passing places like Yan Kechil, Dulang, Sedaka and seems a slow and relax lifestyle of a typical kampong.
I am now approaching a place that I have marked for a visit as introduced by Yong Lim that is Pulau Bunting. The access is narrow which was I never expect such a condition and just can not imagine that there will a prominent bridge to see. I never missed it.
A fellow tourer shouted at me and telling me that I have missed the turning to the bridge at this warong. Photo credit : Zari Zari.
A chance to meet a 65 years old solo tourer, Zari Zari from KL. Thanks for the hot tea and we chatted for a while before I went in for the bridge. Photo credit : Zari Zari.
Just in front of the warong there is a small access covered with thick vegetation you might miss it if you are not observant. The white patch at the end of the access is the bridge.
As I got closer into the access the whole place begins to emerge.
A spectacular arch cable-stayed bridge built by Gamuda Berhad.
A bridge linking to an unpopulated island, I just don't know why. There are construction work in progress to improve the road leading to Pulau Bunting.
The weather was still drizzling as I slowly cycled out towards Kuala Kedah.
I caught up with Zari Zari on the main road of Jalan Pantai Barat Kedah K1 but he went missing after a while.
I then turned into a road leading to Kuala Sala. Kuala Sala is currently popular with their abundant of cockles and mussels (la la clams) so much so some of it is exported to Thailand.
Finally I settled for a simple and late lunch at a warong next to the bridge.
Kuala Sala seems to have affected by tornado before and a bridge seen with a mark "Jambatan Tsunami Kuala Sala". I guess this area is tsunami prone area.
I thought I lost him from the main road somehow he reappeared at the river mouth.
Together we cycled towards Kuala Kedah.
Flooding at Kuala Kedah as I made my way to Alor Setar city.
Passing by at SJK (C) Pei Hwa at Jalan Kuala Kedah.
Nasir is one of the many Malay friends that are still in contact with me, he was my primary classmate in Tunku Abdul Malik in Kulim and today I cycled all the way to his house in Alor Setar. It's great to meet up with him again.
I checked into Hotel Samila one of the old and known hotels in Alor Setar which is located nearby the Menara Telekom.
I managed to contact this college mate of mine and had so much to catch up of what we were doing after we left college. Thank you Siok Ewe for a wonderful dinner at Restoran Lima Utara.
I love this deep fried cat fish how nice if I would have it with a glass of cold beer.
Another favourite dish of la la clams and fresh squids in super sourish but yummy soup.
Siok Ewe then show me around the city of Alor Setar and I really appreciated him for his hospitality. I hope to see him again maybe in one of our class reunion gatherings.
A long but interesting ride for Day 9.

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