Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Completion of Sri Utara, Selayang Project

At last we have completed the project and awaiting all necessary authorities’ approvals for the necessary issuance of Certificate of Fitness for the house purchasers.

We were instructed to proceed with the road pre-mixing even though the electrical supply cable by National Electricity Board has yet to commence their cable laying. You can imagine once they come in and start laying the cables, they will dig the road and mass up the road. I really do not understand how this NEB works, don’t they know the sequences of construction. According to our client, NEB wants the site to be tidy in order for them to come in. Just like laying red carpet for them to start their work, real Taiko!!

I sincerely hope that our client, consultants and ourselves as a Contractor can work diligently to assist the purchasers to obtain the relevant approvals for their taking over of the completed houses.

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