Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day to Remember my Late Father

My dad passed away on this day in 1997 and it has been 11 years since then. Time really fly, there were many moments I could recollect from my fond memories of him whether good ones, bad ones or sad ones.
Generally, my dad was a happy go lucky person, the way he brought up us was a simple way, no strict rule, we were able to do things as we like, so long that it is not extreme in whatever things we do. He leaves everything to us to decide for ourselves, sometimes they were bad things but fortunately things never got worst and we were able to get away from serious problems.

The worst punishment I ever got from my dad which I can remember is the day he really whacked the hell out of me in a confined toilet at our Hardware shop “Ban Cheong Leong” in Padang Serai for starting a quarrel with our neighbour. It was the most painful whacking I ever had in my entire pre-teen years but I deserved it without a doubt.

One thing for sure, he really love me after all I am his eldest son. He bought me a brand new Honda C70 motorcycle from Padang Serai and sent it up to Kuala Lumpur. I was very excited and thrilled when receiving the bike from a transport company in Jalan Kenanga, somewhere near the Bomba Fire Station. It was 1977, the time I was doing my first year in Building Technology in College Tunku Abdul Rahman. The picture above is not mine, loan from the cyberspace to show you how my bike actually looks like. Wonder where is the bike now.....

After graduating from College Tunku Abdul Rahman and I started working in a Quantity Surveyor firm “Hashim Dan Lim” in Sungei Wang Plaza in 1981, my dad this time bought me a brand new yellow car, a Datsun 120Y. He actually purchased the car from Penang, drove it up to Taman Genting, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur and surprised me by handing the car key to me. But the only setback was that I have to shoulder the monthly car installments from there on.
What a dad, how many dads can do that for his son on the first day of work, mind you but my dad did for me. I love you dad. May you rest in Peace. Your son and your grandson fooling around in a motorbike showroom....


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Sin Tai Lim said...

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