Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chiangmai Highlands Golf & Spa

This is the first golf course we played out of the 3 courses and I would rate this course as the best among the 3. It’s surrounded by mountains and located away from Chiangmai of a driving time of approximately 30 minutes. A view at the rear of the Club House.Upon starting at the first tee box we were greeted with a sudden Chiangmai shower and a bit scary for a start of a golfing trip. Unfortunately it was a short one which lasted only 10 minutes. Anyway this golf course is beautiful, a landscape of carefully manicured plants, trees, bunkers and fairways. There are a lot of lateral waters making your game interesting. I had a good game and very happy with my final score of 91 from 47 and 44 on the respective nines. Walking in this beautiful golf course is a tiring affair with the hilly terrain but it’s worth the walk. Even the tee boxes are in perfect condition just like a putting green. This is a typical distance marker of Highlands. Difficulty at a beautiful sand bunker. A unique house under construction next to the golf course of a glazed housed covered with weaving bamboos. Would you want your house to be like this one??

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